This guide has been commissioned by XTRAX to support UK and EU artists and promoters by providing practical support around international touring after the UK left the EU in January 2021. Initially published in 2020, this guide has undergone multiple revisions and enhancements, with the latest edition now dated January 2024.

The guide has been devised by Split Second and Yellow Everything in collaboration with XTRAX.

This document is by no means definitive, but an evolving collection of information and case studies which will be regularly updated as we learn more about the ways in which a company or a festival can appropriately prepare to work internationally post Brexit.

If you would like to get in touch with the XTRAX team to submit a suggestion or provide feedback on this guide, you can contact us here.

Disclaimer: the following information is for your reference only and does not constitute legal or immigration advice.

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We have crafted this guide with user-friendliness in mind, trying to simplify complex information from official sources and supplementing it with insights from interviews with both UK and EU touring companies for practical examples.

To maximise the utility of this guide, you have various pathways to explore:

Whether you prefer a structured approach with the checklist or a targeted exploration through individual chapters, this guide is tailored to accommodate your needs and facilitate a smoother navigation of the complexities involved in touring the EU for UK outdoor arts companies post-Brexit.



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Touring in the EU Checklists

Touring in the EU checklist

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Administrative Impact and Considerations

Artists and Company Members Travel to the EU

Movement of Goods and Vehicles to the EU

Artists and Company Members Travel & Freight from the EU to the UK

Impact of Brexit on Touring Budgets

Touring Landscape Post-Brexit


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